The TRUTH behind Inflation and Corruption

Truth behind Inflation and Corruption

My Dear Humanity,

Open your eyes. Janlokpal is a small fish.

As few of us slog to get ‘Janlokpal bill’ passed as per Anna’s team, this is going to be a first step in long journey for India to be a humane place. This would indeed be a victory for us. Revolutions for human rights are happening at world stage. The world is waking up to reality with revolutions like in Egypt and ‘Occupy Wall Street’. Know that something is not right, if you need to ‘DEMAND’ and ‘FIGHT’ for strong pro-people laws from government. Governments should fear and serve it’s people; people should not fear or serve governments. Police is the tool to police the ‘aam aadmi’ for rich corporate holding the strings of governments. Unless the 99% would stand for 1% oppressing them, oppression will grow and continue.

Know that the existing monetary system in world is based on debt and phoney money. We just exchange promissory notes today with no intrinsic value and no backing of gold/silver. The money is printed as per central bank policies controlled by corporate. Over and above, we give the interest back to banks for the money which was created out of thin air.

Any loan give out is creating new ‘digital’ money in economy. To make the revolution successful and our life better, we need to understand this basic well and we need to take power from central banks to print unlimited money as per their whims. Don’t believe?

Necessary videos below to start with:

Federal Reserve in above videos is our own RBI, US is India. Systems and purpose are same, only history different.

Inflation and ‘Rupee’ depreciation are because of phoney ‘funny’ money and unlimited dollar printing by US banks and corrupt Indian governments accumulating it under US pressure in form of ‘foreign reserves’ (Indian resources hence sold cheaper 50 times – the dollar value. This at cost of Indian labour). Indian banks also hence print mindless currency and hence depreciating it’s value. It’s not that commodities like food and metals are getting costlier, it’s that Rupee is getting trashed which would eventually be used as toilet paper. It’s fun to know that we spend our lives, labour, happiness to earn money which is just in form of digits and is fictitious.

We do not do jobs and activities we love to do. Joy, dance and happiness have disappeared. Human race seems to run towards empty materialism, ‘things’ and ‘recognition’. After we have that new iPhone, a new car, new laptop, we get bored of it and a new race for ‘new things’ starts. Observe, Honeybees and sparrows are disappearing from our gardens due to excessive cellphone radiations.

Few Banks control Corporations; Few Corporations control Governments; Governments control Media, Television, Entertainment (Censor), Education (forced curriculum), Social Care, Markets, Medicine, Drugs, Religion (Church, Iskcon, Temple Trusts), Food Policies, Public Health and Commodities.The beauty of this cleverly constructed system is that it enforces what PTB would not want.

‘Problems’ are created to make ‘Reactions’ which in turn provide readymade ‘Solutions’ from the ones who in first place create problems. Terrorism, Global Warming, Flu’s, Market Crashes are few examples.

Big pharma companies, Food additives, fluoride, aspartame (sugar free), pesticides and genetically modified foods are creating havoc to public health. Medicine industry profits with big hospitals are blooming like anything. Free Energy solutions are suppressed while making supportive policies for Oil and Nuclear companies. Irony is, we all are made to control each other in this game. The police, media, judiciary, education.. all.

So called Democracy is non-existent. Stooges from ruling party occupy positions in all enforcement agencies such as Election Commission, CBI, RAW, Judiciary. Independent and strong laws like Janlokpal are imminent.

Do you think this is all coincidence? It is a control society in making by continually removing your rights via Problem/Reaction/Solution.

What you can do? First Educate Yourself, Spread the education (mass email, mass share at FB and twitter), Help Communities, Eat Buy and Support local, Stop fearing, Boycott corporations, Stand for what’s right, Stand for control Society, Live in harmony. Be responsible of your thoughts and actions.

Even one makes a difference and sets example. Don’t get divided and be ruled on Nationality, Region, Religion, Caste, Color, Gender and interests. There is no fun in being same. Stop habit of being divided and get ruled. We are the 99%.

Educate yourself. All above is tip of iceberg. Do deep diving. Don’t follow blindly and be a sheep in human skin.

Ask your questions at: Check out blog at Civil Action Delhi

** Even though tip of iceberg, this post is loaded with information. Read it 2-3 times to let the truth sink in. We suggest reading it after every few days to realize the matrix which you are in. Time must be spent on watching the above videos. Keep educating yourself via alternative media. Much of it may sound ridiculous if you hear it for first time or if you do not think critically.. but ultimate reality is eye opening. Only if you are convinced and understand it, send it to someone else.. otherwise half-baked knowledge is harmful. The above information is result of five years of observation and reading **

Civil Action Delhi

7 Responses to The TRUTH behind Inflation and Corruption

  1. bhupinder says:

    i know that is not god,but big manipulation by big m n c and big govt supported n g o and other type of organisation and mind controling,,nice to read,,big revolution is taking place

  2. srikanth says:

    awesome, will try to share with as many as possible. Thank You

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  5. francis says:

    gold and silver are useless materials. nothing wrong with present system of paper currency. thats the best.what we need is transparency. rbi was created by rothschilds . world is run by rothschilds and freemasonry. thats the proble, all the religions / political movements / ngo’s were invented by them.thats the problem, hazare is freemason -corporate agent . his associates are magsaysay- rockefeller. gold is rothschilds.

  6. francis says:

    david icke is new ager-half truth and half absolute lies. awekening movie -new age

  7. francis says: FREEMAN IS A NEW AGER—————————— ———–

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