Boycott Government Taxes

Why I hate filling petrol in my car?

Biggest corruption in oil sector is use of Oil itself as energy source. There is technology available as free energy which is not used by governments. The game is at international level and bigger than what sees the eye.

Oil is a carbon pollutant and used everywhere in each phase and move of life. Paints.. Plastics.. Wax.. Vehicles.. Electricity generation.. Motors.. All need some form of crude oil.

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On smaller level, India’s Oil corruption is evident from the fact that Govt taxes form major price of oil. Subsidies come very late. Corrupt media only sings about subsidy part and never the main reason of oil price which is taxes. That is why in all the metropolitan cities, you see vehicles growing and public transport crumbling and more jams..

More Vehicles = More taxes

More Vehicles = More Petrol Consumption = Even More taxes

It is a known fact since ages that petroleum minister in India gets kickbacks from oil companies whilst importing oil from foreign. This money is also shared from the Minister to high command and is used for fueling party expenditures which is majorly used in corrupt practices of poll season and otherwise stashed in Swiss / American / European banks.


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