Salman, Sonia, Bhagva and Dixcy Scott

Have you ever seen a monastery where monks wear ‘bhagva’ color?

I never saw one ever.. barring a few.. I saw the following images of monks and monasteries on quick google image search.

Hinduism embraced the bhagva color because it has been related with spirituality and meditation. Bhagva color is helpful for a meditator to reach samadhi quickly and not lose his aura so gained. The color attracts most of positivity and most of the nature’s positive vibrations from the whole spectrum. The aura is purified fastest whilst wearing this color. You can very well relate to this clothing difference when you wear a casual or formal / bright or dull clothing. The moods and energy varies as per color of clothes you wear. There was this brief scientific concept amongst our rishis and munis.

Our culture is our soul and hence the country’s Hindus could not be converted or be eliminated even after long Muslim and British rule. Today our culture is at peak of being attacked which is controlled by Vatican and is led by stooges like Sonia and Rahul Gandhi (Antonio Maino and Raul Vinci).

Let’s shift our focus towards this for a moment..

Recently released Salman’s Dixcy Scott Advertisement is an example of subliminal messaging where he is bashing monks in bhagva color.

As you may notice.. monks rarely wear Bhagva color. ‘Bhagva’ is bad and white is good.. religion is bad & Bollywood is good.. that is the subliminal messaging. I believe Salman has acted in this advertisement unknowingly, but not the advertising agency.

Try understanding subliminal messaging here:

The advertisement is handled by Madison media.

Madison Media Group, which currently handles the media planning and buying mandate for several blue chip clients including Airtel, Godrej, Cadbury/Kraft, ITC, General Motors, Marico, McDonald’s, TVS, Britannia, Procter & Gamble, Asian Paints, Tata Tea, Shriram Transport Finance, Levis, SpiceJet, Axis Bank, Domino’s, Bharti Axa, Max New York Life Insurance, Tata Salt, Acer, Dish TV, Imagine TV, Times Television Network and Indian Oil. The gross billing of Madison World is Rs. 30 billion (3 followed by 10 zeroes).

I pity on these people who have nothing better to do at Facebook and liking Dixcy Scott page.

Let’s see from our day today lives where Hinduism is under attack:

  • Christian cross on coins
A photo from facebook communities

  • The false propaganda of ‘Hindu terrorism’ or ‘Saffron Terror’ peaks in Congress raj.
  • Rahul Gandhi saying in US that Hindu extremists are bigger threat to India. One India, TOI
  • Regularly targeting organisations like RSS without proofs. As if being associated with RSS and nationalism is crime
  • Andhra Pradesh Congress government headed by late Y Samuel Rajsekhar Reddy (a Christian) had brought Christian institutions into the decision making body of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) and its institutions. JRG Wealth Management, a Christian organisation was employed for ‘Prasadam’ materials for use in Tirupati temple. So, beef eaters are/were handling ‘prasadam’ materials of the Tirupathi Temple. And in 2006, the centuries old, 1,000 pillars Mandapam in Tirumala complex is reported to have been demolished by the Congress Government led by late Y. Samuel R Reddy
  • Most religious shrines like Puri, Tirupati, Guruvayoor, Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Vaishno Devi, Mumbai (Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple), Shirdi, Amarnath, Srisailam, Madurai and Rameshwaram, Kashi Vishwanath Temple are now under government control and now being run like corporates where profits are reaped and sent to corrupt Government of India. (Read Secular loot and plunder of Hindu temples, Government control of temples is destroying Hinduism,

All this causes lowered self-esteem in Hindus psychologically, inferiority complex, conversions, race towards western culture and fake materialism. People in some time will feel ashamed in being Hindu if so continues for long. Please know that I am not communal or against Christians but against the treatment of Hindus

Wear your critical thinking caps now and analyze.



Corruption! What is it and where is it?

The time is now to see what is Corruption and where is it and understand to take charge of situation. Corruption is when:

Your Basic rights become privileges:

  • You have to bribe for basic amenities which are your basic rights such as water, electricity, roads, civic amenities, proper billing, proper food, health care, traffic.
  • When you have forgotten that these are basic rights and not privileges in a civil democratic society.
  • When the right to speak and demonstration is curtailed (Baba Ramdev at Ramlila ground and Anna at Tihar Jail.. These are only the recent and prominent ones).
  • When we are just working as servants without self respect in MNC’s just waiting for our new salaries to be fed in next month as hand to mouth. We becoming slave labor in hands of MNC’s which sometime seem Indian but have FDI via web of investments.
  • When boss is always right and you always kill your self-respect.
  • When we just cut up peers to climb up the ladder of success
  • Working and studying and progressing doesn’t seem to end in satisfaction and happiness.
  • When education is void of any research and experience whilst what is encouraged is mugging up and vomiting back on papers. When education is only about development of your left sided brain.
  • When a BPO culture and repetitive robotic work without novelty (IT) is considered ‘the’ industry to work with.

Politics is no more a social service, but a abuse and a dirty word:

  • Rigging of elections is common and now accepted as a norm. Chidambaram was declared lost in last elections but magically came out as victorious in few hours as few ballots were left uncounted.
  • When credibility of foreign electronic voting machines is questionable and when Chief election Commissioner is appointed by ruling party congress.
  • When all bureaucrats and state governors are changed with change of party at centre.
  • CBI and Income tax are tools in hands of ruling party where they suppress even honest individuals with false changes on anyone who stands up-to-them.
  • Justice is made late and denied in multiple levels of corruption. Chief Justice is found corrupt and no action is taken.
  • When deals like nuclear deal are done in interest of US and Europe corporations (It could have been done at 25% of cost with indigenous scientists and materials. Congress chose to ignore the recommendations.)
  • When there is mass deception of truth. (Congress and DMK plans to sell vast resources of Thorium below Ram Setu to US. The real reason behind contemplation to break the historic bridge)
  • When out of 12 of 18 doctors in Obama panel are Indians and Sonia goes out of India to get some treatment of a secret disease.
  • When Raul Vinci (real name of Rahul Gandhi on passport) and Antonia Edvige Albina Maino (Name of Sonia Gandhi) are barely high matriculate, catholic christians (real issue being deception), fudge their certificates, lie about education and when they are Italian citizens and travel on Italian passports.
  • Idiot Rahul Gandhi being promoted as future Prime Minister. He doesn’t have guts to come for a debate in open public forum.
  • Servants of nation (MP’s/MLA’s) decide their salary on their own.
  • Nil transparency in governance.

Money becomes Fictitious:

  • We just exchange promissory notes today (remember I promise to pay the bearer.. what is the promise to pay for??) which do not have any intrinsic value (backing of gold/silver). This is a hard truth that majority of circulation money is in digital form and doesn’t even exist on paper. It is printed (typed) in endless quantity by RBI. Read here.
  • When inflation is due to government accumulating foreign reserves in abundance. The private federal reserve bank of US prints digital dollars endlessly which government of India is bound to buy and cannot sell. This is a major cause of inflation and rupee depreciation. Each import costs more and causes further inflation.
  • When there is no accountability and traceability of taxes and money being extorted from public in name of frivolous taxes.
  • When taxes precede subsidy and are actually the real cause of the cost. Primarily being petrol, Diesel, LPG.
  • Petrol is costly due to government taxes. Govt taxes form 39.9% of the price)
  • When any increase in salary is less than inflation and eaten up with ever increasing taxes. At office, each step is more competition to cut down peers.
  • When home loans duration seem endless and ever increasing.
  • When students have to now take loans and pay years after education is complete and feed into greedy banks profits and education mafia.
  • When Indians put 59% of their income in taxes which are paid in thousands of forms (excise, income, customs, VAT, CVAT etc) and we wonder why inflation is increasing and savings being lost.
  • When salaried person doesn’t even get to see money in hand. It is deducted at source.
  • Taxes increasing every year every month.
  • Tax breaks are pushed as per where government wants you to spend, be it infrastructure bonds, share market, real estate or travel industry or medicine. Tax breaks are given accordingly. Most of these investment areas are highly leveraged and derivatives driven.
  • It is said by economists all over the world that there would be no need of taxes if governments are not corrupt. A true free economy is always self driven and socially oriented.
  • Merchants pay upto 39% taxes in various forms which get transferred to consumer in end. There are around 799 types of taxes in India.
  • In the end only 9.09% of taxes are spent on public welfare whilst rest is spent on parliament, govt salaries, pensions, government bills, parliament bills.. which they spend lavishly without control.
  • Each year the fiscal deficit increases because government takes loan from RBI to be returned at an interest. This cannot be returned obviously and hence fiscal deficit increases. This is again one reason of fictitious money and inflation.
  • When consumption is engine of growth for economy. After all, natural resources are limited.
  • Increasing fiscal deficit of country.
  • When in future you’ll be asked to pay for breathing out carbon dioxide and you have to buy carbon credits (Global warming is the false science created for selling creating carbon credits market)

When God is closed in Books and temples/Culture:

  • When religion is vaticanised and run like an corporate
  • Vaticanisation of religion and corporatisation of Spiritual centres of worship with trusts like Vaisho Devi Shrine Board, Tirumala Devasthanam, Old kerala temple where fortunes were discovered. All the trusts are for profit now and proceeds go to govt of India.
  • When temple services are turned to professionals.. ISCKON Bangalore alone earns more than what Colgate Palmolive earns in whole India, and the money is sent to ISCKON trust USA.
  • Spiritual centres of worship are being destroyed
  • When we feel ashamed in using our mother tongue socially. Take example of any world’s nation: Germany, France, Russia, China, Spain.. All use thier mother tongue.. all education and IT is as per their language. It is proven fact that child learns 10 times faster in his mother tongue than in any foreign language. We have to write this article shamefully in English for wider reach.
  • China is opening Manadarin schools all over the world. Written Hindi is believed to be disappearing and be extinct in next 49 years.
  • All software companies manufacture software for them in their local languages. It comes too late and too little for Indian languages.
  • When our social fabric is being tore down by deliberate inclusion of movies on gay culture.
  • When governments wants you to remain foolish and be engrossed in cricket, television shows and daily increasing vulgarity in cinema.


  • When Clean water is no more in your ground and tap and you have to buy a Kinley or Bisleri for it.
  • When pure water is approx at same cost of a carbonated drink.
  • When the social medical care and education are diminished deliberately to push private interests and created into corporate mafia
  • When Doctors get corrupted with Pharma companies kick-backs and play with public health.
  • When pollution causes your honey bees, butterflies and sparrows to disappear.
  • When you pay hefty amount for healthcare in a private hospital and just get temporary relief. You are just a file in hospital in midst of machines and test reports.
  • When companies like Monsanto play with health of public by introducing genetically modified food.

When you live in a Control Society/Police State and do not realise it (bars are invisible):

  • When you get monitored in every way possible: Dish TV on what you watch, CCTV, Cameras, Telephone, Police checking everywhere, Social media on what you do and interests are.
  • Fear is the controlling element. Fear of terrorism, strangers, death or anything with which you can be divided.
  • When media and cinema is controlled and highly censored. They just throw cricket and entertainment at you.
  • When you fear your government and not government fears you.
  • When you cannot be fearless talking to police.
  • When you have more chance of getting harassed by police officer than by any terrorist.
  • When we can’t make difference between police and thieves.
  • When we fear policeman more than terrorists
  • When farmers get shot on agitating for corporate builder mafia grabbing their land in co-hoots with corrupt government officials.
  • When 18 RTI whistleblowers are killed in last two years for raising their voice against corrupt.
  • When chain snatching and murder are common in your neighbourhood.
  • When you don’t file an FIR because you feel intimidated by criminals
  • When perverts are not caught for raping
  • Terrorism is uncontrolled and zero intelligence to tackle it.
  • When threat of terrorism is used to carry out agendas. Small example – Removal  of Baba Ramdev from Ramlila maidan

When Corporations are mad after profits:

  • Corporation loot natural resources, cut forests, kill wildlife, introduce package food and poison food with chemical additives, pesticides and insecticides which are major source of diseases like cancer.
  • When cancer and other diseases are big industry and their cures are not encouraged, rather suppressed.
  • Companies like Union Carbide (Bhopal) and Enron (Dabhol) create disasters on Indian soil, bribe politicians and leave with zero accountability
  • When products become of inferior quality and what just sells is marketing gimmicks and lies.
  • When we see our defense/army being corrupted in various scandals and scams whilst our territory being slowly occupied by China.

The above is the tip of iceberg awareness which ministers like Sibal do not wish to happen. Fools would simply snub the above information whilst critical thinkers use internet and their observation to find the truth in above. Many pages of Facebook/Internet have abundant information and discussions on them. Support Janlokpal.. Now you might now understand why this is SO BIG and SO IMPORTANT. Please forward this to as much as you can and support the movement. It’s not important that you support or do not support Anna Hazare. Important is that you stand up for what’s right. Watching news and patriotic movies is not enough. DO not get accustomed to your sufferings. Once you have internet censorship, you will not be able to send such emails.

Even one makes a difference. Governments are for profit and they will give any statements to divert your attention. Corporate Media supports it.

Official Secrets act was fought over by activists like Aruna Roy and Anna Hazare. RTI was provided with hard work of Aruna Roy and Anna Hazare. You see the crackers of corruption cases one by one in last few years. RTI is reason of the same. Governments used to suppress the facts earlier in name of national security and public peace. 18 activists in last two years are killed because they wanted to stand against corrupt system. They were fighting for collective social rights which includes you. Muck is thrown at every activist like Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal. Do not get misled by false government propaganda and corporate media which tries to make opinion.

The time is NOW. You need to BE AWAKE and STAND UP even if you are alone. The answer however is LOVE and civil disobedience.

Revolutions do not happen every-day. There is no stopping of an idea whose time has come. This is your life time chance to create history and be a witness to social inclusive growth and happiness. The biggest contribution you can do is first get educated and share this email/post with your friends. Be involved in intelligent news. Think critically. Be active partner in social change. Every voice matters. You are part of collective consciousness.

Send this email to as many friends and family you know and copy Share this on your blog/facebook/orkut. We get to know the response these ways. Read and like Facebook pages like Occupy 4 India (Yuva-against-corruption), India Against Corruption, read There is abundance of alternate media.

NOW is the time. Now is your chance.

Civil Action Delhi

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