The case of FDI in India – Myths Vs Facts

The Case of FDI in India

Corrupt Politicians in India are taking bribes from corporate giants for allowing FDI in India whilst see the irony that Occupy movement in US is protesting against corporate Walmart. We have time now to protest against the corporate takeover of our ‘khudra vyapar’ and selling out our country to foreign corporates.

FACTS: Wal-mart is the world’s largest retail business. According to the company’s website, it operates “more than 9700 retail units under 60 different banners in 28 countries. With fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion, Walmart employs 2.1 million associates worldwide.” Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas, Wal-mart has experienced phenomenal growth. Wal-mart is known for its union-busting tactics, its business model that emphasizes mass-merchandising of cheap products made in Asian (mainly Chinese) sweatshops, and the low wages the company pays its employees.

Myths vs FACTS
All the reasoning given by the corrupt ministers are false:-

  • They can easily finish the corruption which is prevalent in mandi’s and food chain supply. Presently, there are commissions and cuts for all ministers in food chain supply at each level be it distribution, irrigation or transport. Local police’s bribes are well known to everyone. All the costs end up in your food inflation.
  • Ending the corruption in food chain supply should be motive and not to invite foreign corporates and sending profits to Wall Street. Big corporations (Weapon manufacturers) are culprit for financing wars from both sides end end up in profits in lakhs of percentage. Read War is a Racket.
  • Farmers would be forced to grow as per corporate agendas (Genetically modified poisoned food by Monsanto) and further the agenda of corporate profit at cost of India’s population (Read here). This is done to some extent presently also.
  • Indian farmers, now owners would be laboureers in their own fields.
  • The jobs generated would only be low-end jobs with minimal benefits to employees and no social happiness. Ask any Reliance store employee of their renumerations and benefits. Situation would be worse under cut throat competion and hunger for profit.
  • We are shown dream of ‘Jobs’ while strangulating self-sufficiency. Government should encourage self-sufficiency and small businesses instead of corporates. Presently small businesses are strangulated under taxes and controls whilst big corporates run the government.
  • Public just blindly buys the dream of good job, whilst the reality is that a person is an only an ‘Naukar’ in Naukri.
  • The dream of 1 crore jobs shown by leaders is also false. See figures above that Walmart in 28 countries employ 21 lakh employees.
  • The corporates later become too-big-to-fail and influence government policies.
  • The cause of Inflation is endless money printing by RBI and Indian banks which is without any backing by gold/silver. This story would not be told by anyone to you. Read and view –
  • It is educated that MNC’s bring high technology to India. Whilst the truth is that they bring in zero technology to India whilst high end technology is always banned by US Government to be exported out of the state and all their corporates comply. Highest investment visible in FMCG products is considered Zero Technology and are always harmful due to their chemical nature.
  • The corporate loot the country of their natural resources and pollute the nature and ground reserves. Coca Cola in Kerala and mining companies in Orissa are one of the example.

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Civil Action Delhi – Youth Against Corruption

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