CNN-IBN, IBN7 – Criminally Communal Channels

CNN-IBN, IBN7 – Criminally Communal Channels.

6 M’s plauguing India

The Truths you must know before you vote

By : prarthana

Paush Pournima / Krushna Pratipada

By P Daivamuthu

Can you visualise a scene where your son/daughter or your grandson/granddaughter succumbs to the bullet of a terrorist when they are doing some shopping or worshipping at a temple? Can you imagine a situation where your children or grandchildren are forced to leave your house and take asylum somewhere else? Or can you reconcile to the fact that they are forced to give up Sanatan Hindu Dharm and convert to an alien religion? Today, even just a thought on these lines will send shiver down your spine. But it has happened and is going to happen if you are not awake. Just look at the following facts.

1. 200 (two hundred) years ago Hindus in Kandahar (Afghanistan) were observing the Sanathan Dharm byperforming Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today there is no one. There are only Al Qaedas andTalibans, enforcing Shariat law of ‘eye for an eye’, ‘leg for a leg’, etc.

 2. 100 (hundred) years ago, Hindus in Lahore and Karachi (which derives their name from Lav and Kush, thesons of Sri Ram) were observing the Sanathan Dharm by performing Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans.Today there is none. All have vanished into thin air. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, by dividing ourMotherland Bharat, it was named ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ and became an Islamic country. Hindus whoformed nearly 24% of Pakistan at the time of partition, have been reduced to less than 1% today.

 3. 50 (fifty) years ago, Hindus in Srinagar (Kashmir) too were observing the Sanathan Dharm by performing Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today no one is left there to do so. All have been chased away, and are living like refugees in Jammu and Delhi.Considering the above historical facts, 50 (fifty) years from now, will you (or your son/daughter or grandson/grand daughter) be able to perform Pooja and sing Bhajans and Kirtans? Will our country remain democratic and secular. Will your children have the freedom of thought and expression? Logic says ‘NO’. Social demography also confirms this. Symptoms too point out towards that stark eventuality (I can give you hundreds of examples):The landscape of Bharat has continuously been shrinking. The world Muslim population is about 130 crores,but there are 57 Islamic countries. The world Christian population is about 200 crores. There are nearly 150countries where Christianity wields supreme. The world Hindu population is nearly 110 crores. Is there a single country for Hindus?Is this the legacy you want to leave behind for your sons and daughters? If not, get up from your deep slumber and face the challenge, before it is too late. Before knowing about the challenges, we should go into the background of our Nation. Bharat is a land of Sants and Rishis. Many Gods and Rishis have taken avatar in this land – Ram, Krishna,Mahavir, Bhuddha, Adhi Shankara, Guru Nanak, etc. That is why it is called Devbhoomi, Punyabhoomi, etc.For us, it is the Motherland (Mathrubhoomi), and we worship Her as “Bharat Mata”.

Bharat has all along been a de facto Hindu Nation, although it has been ruled by Muslims and Christians for nearly 1000 years. There is no country in the world which, after being enslaved for nearly 1000 years, takes rebirth as one country. Bharat did so, in spite of so much diversity in the name of caste, language, region,etc. This oneness was due to the spiritual and cultural unity of Bharat, which in other words is calledHindutva. Moreover, Spiritualism and Nationalism have always been interlinked in Bharat. For example, in a Pooja, the ‘sankalpa’ begins with “Bharata varshe, Bharata kande, Jambu Dweepe …”, a clear reference to Motherland. India can remain united only on the basis of Hindutva, i.e. Hindu Principles, which encompasses everything humanity stands for. Even today Bharat is a Hindu Nation; otherwise democracy and secularism could not have survived.Today one fears that history is being repeated and Bharat may once again slip into the hands of for cesinimical to democracy and secularism, who may rule Bharat as dictators enforcing their religious dogmas on Hindus. It is therefore the duty of every citizen believing in peace, tolerance and pluralism, to raise his voice against Adharm – any force that tries to destalibise the spiritual and cultural unity of Bharat. When Dharm becomes a mute spectator as in Mahabharat, Adharm will rule the roost, which will ultimately lead to Kurukshetra. If we have to avoid another Kurukshetra, we have to recognise the dangers that engulf us and take remedial measures to avert them. Now what are the challenges? Today our country – Bharat – is seized by six Yamahs (6Ms) – Mullahs, Missionaries, Marxists, Mecaulayists,Media and Maino. They have no love for Hindu Dharma, Hindu Culture and Hindu Civilization. Unless we get rid of these 6Ms, Hindus will not be able to live in peace. (I must make it very clear that when I say Mullahs and Missionaries, I am not talking abut common Muslims and Christians, who are equal citizens of this country like Hindus. No one can deny religious freedom to any community. Left to themselves, Muslims and Christians would make out to be true nationalists. But it is the Mullahs and Missionaries who use them as pawns in their power brokering, by having a vice-like grip over them.) A brief description of the 6Ms syndrome is as under:

A. Mullahs

Whether you call them Mullahs or Maulvis, it is they who hold the real power under Islam or in an Islamic country. They hold a powerful control over their followers, by way of issuing ‘fatwas’, i.e. religious edicts. In a country like India, the Maulvis declare that their fatwa supersedes even court decisions, because according to them, Muslims are supposed to follow only the Shriat Law (made by Allah) and not civil laws which are man-made.But strangely, the UPA Government has filed an Affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that the fatwas of Maulvis do not interfere in the normal functioning of our laws. And strangely, even our Courts bend over backwards in this sinister design.For example – 12 MLAs in the Kerala Assembly took Oath in the name of Allah. A man filed a PIL in the Kerala High Court saying that taking Oath in the name of Allah is unconstitutional. The Kerala High Court overruled the objection. He again went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court too held that taking Oath in the name of Allah is similar to taking Oath in the name of God, i.e. Allah and God are the same. Now,many Mullahs and Maulvis have declared that they do not recognise ‘God’ and it is only Allah for them. That means, when Muslims themselves declare that God is not Allah, how come our Supreme Court declares that God and Allah are the same. It is like giving a good character certificate to a man who himself admits that he is a rogue.Many times, the fatwas issued by them make living difficult even for a common Muslims, or forcibly separates husband from wife, causing great hardship to their children – sometime even leading to prostitution. But still they stick to their fatwa, however impractical or immoral it may be, as it is according to Shriat Law. (I have come out with a book titled “180 Hard Facts of Religious HIV – Hatred, Intolerance and Violence” which documents these facts).

Mullahs and Maulvis have a vested interest in keeping the Muslim community backward and illiterate, so that it submits to them and always looks for their guidance (fatwa). Because, once awakened, they will start questioning them. By often proclaiming that ‘Islam is in danger’ they create a fear psychosis in the community and keep them in ghettos. A few intellectual Muslims feel helpless, as it is the Mullahs who have a sway over the community.

B. Missionaries

Missionaries, not to confuse with ordinary Christians, are indeed ‘merchants of religious dogmas’. Wherever they have gone, they have destroyed the local culture to establish the Kingdom of Christ.

According to Dr. David Frawley (Acharya Vamadeva Shastri): “The missionary business remains one of the largest in the world and has enormous funding on many levels. It is like several MNCs with the different Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical groups involved. There are full time staffs and organizations allocating money, creating media hype, plotting strategies and seeking new ways to promote conversion. The local native religion has about as much chance against such MNC incursions as a local food seller has if McDonald’s moves into the neighbourhood with a slick, well funded advertising campaign targeting his customers.””In fact missionary activity is like an ideological war. It is quite systematic, motivated and directed. It can even represent a blitzkreig using media, money, people and public shows to appeal to the masses in an emotional way. Therefore, with missionary activity we … are talking about a religious effort towards world conquest that is quite happy to put an end to other religious traditions – that looks to establish one particular religion for all human beings, in which diversity of human religions is discredited and forgotten.” ( Ref: David Frawley – “TheEthics of Religious Conversions”) They reach remote areas to work among tribals. In the name of service, they convert Hindus. They do not hesitate to even resort to violence if their work is hampered. The recent gruesome murder of the 84-year old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati is a classic example. They took the help of their foot soldiers – Maoists and Naxalites – to accomplish this task. It is reported that a few of their rank were bought over by the Church foreliminating the Swami.Missionaries are hate-mongers too. A Booklet – Satya Darshini – prepared and distributed by Missionaries in Mangalore describes Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as lecherous. The book says ‘Urvashi – the daughter ofLord Vishnu – is a prostitute. Vashitha is the son of this prostitute. He in turn married his own Mother.’Naturally, Hindus are furious at these insults to their Gods, sometime leading to violent reaction.The Missionaries are adapt at spreading lies and canards, to attain their goal of harvesting souls. Many of the Hindus who follow them become fanatics and ‘mentals’. (My book titled “180 Hard Facts of Religious HIV -Hatred, Intolerance and Violence” documents these facts).

C. Marxists

Marxists, or the Communists, are the sons of Karl Marx, who said that ‘religion is the opium of masses’. Theyclaim to be atheists, but their atheism is limited only to Hinduism. They never question the existence ofIslamic and Christian Gods.For the ordinary people, unaware of the niceties of ideological differences, all Communists are the same -violent prone, and it really does not matter whether different segments call themselves as CPI, CPI(M) or CPI

(Marxist-Leninist).They have their masters in China and Russia. The Communists have never considered Bharat as one nation.Their claim is that India is a State of different Nations, and will one day break up just like the former SovietUnion. They demand ‘self-determination’ for the people of Kashmir, but on the same breadth refuse similarrights to Tibetians (which is occupied by China). They were the stooges of Britishers and opposedindependence to our country. While communism has collapsed all over the world, somehow in India it is stillalive – to the extent that till the other day it was doing the back seat driving in the UPA Government. Theynever believe in democracy and secularism.About 3 crore Muslims have illegally infiltrated into India, via West Bengal. The Communist Government ofWest Bengal, not only cordially welcomes them, but also provides them with Ration Card and ultimatelyvoters card. And such illegal Bangladesh immigrants become their major vote bank.During 1942 the Communists were more loyal to the British than the King of England. They heaped insults onGandhiji, Subhas Chandra Bose and Jayaprakash Narayan, and ran down the Quit India Movement as anindication of bankruptcy of ideas. They sided with China in the Sino-Indian conflict in 1962. That, surely, wasthe most traitorous act, and so far, no apology has come from the party. The CPM has turned out to be justan Indian branch of the Chinese Communist Party. Maoists and Naxalites are their foot soldiers. Theywholeheartedly defend them in all their violent activities.Luckily the people of India have marginalised them to only three states – West Bengal, Kerala and Tiripura.But that is not sufficient. Communism should be thrown out of India.

D. Media

When we talk of Media, it is the English media, both print and electronic, which is in focus. Most of ourEnglish media is serving foreign interests. Whatever good that is happening in India does not attract theirattention. But every small incident is blown out of proportion and shown to the international world, to derideIndia. Some newspapers even act as the mouthpiece of some foreign countries.The 26th biennial general body meeting of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) was held inThrissur (Kerala) from 7th to 14th January 2004, to debate over religious conversions. About 150 Bishops, 26Archbishops and three Cardinals attended the conference. The Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu, N.Ram, theChief of Bureau of NDTV in Chennai, Jennifer Arul, and the General Editor of the Mangalam group ofpublications, K.M. Roy too attended the Meet. What was their role in a purely closed-door religious session isanybody’s guess. Mr. Ram is also a card-holding Communist. He has made many trips to China and ispromoting Chinese interests in India.According to KPS Gill some of the media organisations are actually front offices for terrorist groups. He mighthave had in mind journals like Tehelka, Communalism Combat, etc. Karan Thapar, a noted journalist, desiredfor the ‘sudden elimination’ of Narendra Modi.”Genocide” “Holocaust” are the words used by the media for the riots in Gujarat. But when a real “Genocide”took place in Dellhi in 1984 (killing of Sikhs under Congress rule) and Sangrur and Nandigram in WestBengal under CPM Rule in 2008, they kept mum. Their ‘secular’ Dharm is to call a “genocide” as riot and ariot as “genocide”.The ‘secular’ media does not care to report about the sins of Christian Missionaries and Muslim fanatics, butas is their wont, they project the sinned (Hindus) as the villains. This happened in Godhra, Kandhamal,Amarnath and Mangalore. In short, the English media is working with a hidden agenda – to destabilize Indiaby demoralising Hindus.

The entire English Media, full of Mecaulay’s sons, is behaving like the paid servants of the Congress. While Islamic terrorism is being played down, alleged involvement of Hindus in terrorist activities is being blown out of proportion. Hinduism itself is being termed as violent. Hindus’ sacred symbol “OM” is juxtaposed with alleged Hindu terrorists, as though they derived inspiration from the sacred “OM”, whereas they refuse to even take note of other ideologies inspiring terrorism.

E. Mecaulayists

Mecaulay, whose education system we have adopted, declared: “We require an education system in India which will produce a class of interpreters, who will be Indian in colour and Englishmen in taste, opinions and morals.” And he has succeeded to a large extent. This education system in India has produced many ‘intellectuals’ – who are nicknamed ‘cocoanuts’ – brown in outlook and white (Englishmen) in taste, opinion and morals.These Mecaulayists, who are also called ‘secularists’ have developed a new religion called ‘Secularism’. In the name of secularism, they do everything to deride Hindus and India.Hindu India with a multi-religious idea, a multi-religious living, a multi-religious culture, a multi-religious fabricor a multi-religious structure does not need secularism. Secularism is in-built in Hinduism.For these Mecaulayists, Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular; Mandir is communal, Masjid is secular;Sadhu is communal, Imam is secular; BJP is communal, Muslim League is secular; Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national, Bhukari is national; Vande Matharam is communal, Allah-O-Akbar is secular; Shriman is communal, Mian is secular; Hinduism is communal, Islam is secular; Hindutva is communal, Jihad is secular;SIMI is secular, Bajrang Dal is communal; and at last, Bharat is communal, Italy is secular!(The double-standards adopted by these Mecaulayists-Secularists is brought out by me in a book titled “650Truths You Must Know Before It Is Too Late”).

F. Maino

Who is this Maino? Yes, it is Antonia Maino, a Roman Catholic Christian, born in Italy, rechristened as SoniaGandhi, who, knowing nothing about this nation, is running the affairs of this Hindu Nation through the backdoor. She has scant respect for Hindu Dharm and Hindu Culture. But our power-hungry Congressmen arevying with each other to be the slave of this uncrowned Queen of Bharat.Why should the Congress party import a lady from Italy? Is there no worthy Indian to head the party? Shewas a Bar Girl in London. “A Waitress who became the world leader” – This is how The Guardian, London,headlined in 2004. Her academic qualification is next to nothing. She cannot speak a single sentence on herown and she is strutting about on the political platform thanks to media hype. Former Lok Sabha speaker ShriP.A. Sangma asked her in a Congress Working Committee meeting: “We do not know anything about you,Madam”. (Just to oppose her, he and Sharad Pawar left the Congress and formed NCP, but today the sameMr. Pawar is clinging on to her!). After marrying Rajiv Gandhi and living in India, she did not opt for Indiancitizenship for 18 years, but became a voter in Delhi!

Her hatred for Bharatiya culture can be gauged from the fact that she refused to attend an event makingVande Mataram Centenary in New Delhi on 7th Sept. 2006.At her behest, the so-called secular government had no compunction in declaring a holiday on the death ofPope John Paul II, who is the head of Roman Catholics. Did it ever declare a holiday on the death of any ofour Shankaracharyas or Dharma Gurus? Leave alone honouring our Saints, the UPA Govt. is trying to bookHindu Sadhus and Sadhvis under manufactured charges of terrorism.Australian Missionary, Ms. Gladys Staines (wife of Graham Staines) was honoured with Padma Shree last year. What was her contribution to Bharat? Benny Hinn, a fraudster missionary, boasted that a friend ofSonia Gandhi had helped clear way to make his Bangalore event possible. This confirms Sonia’s support tothe evangelical agenda.Look at her coterie: Ambika Soni, a Christian, is Congress’ General Secretary and a powerful member ofSonia’s coterie. Oscar Fernandes is a minister who implements Centre’s policies. Margaret Alva (resignedrecently) is in charge of Maharashtra Congress. Congress in Karnataka is virtually A.K. Antony’s domain andSonia’s secretaries belong to various Christian organisations in India. Walson Thampu, a known anti-Hindu,is the head of NCERT’s (National Council for Educational Research and Training) Educational Committee. Aknown Hindu-hater, John Dayal, is appointed to the National Integration Committee. Another anti-Hindu andhate-monger, Kancha Elliah, has implicit approval of the Government to plead to UN & US Congress to lookinto matters related to caste discrimination in India.We drove away Britishers who ruled over us for nearly 200 years and got independence in 1947. Is there anylogic in bringing in another foreigner to rule us? Can’t the Congress select a Nationalist congressmanamongst them to lead it? Mahatma Gandhi aspired for Ram Rajya. But Sonia Gandhi is bringing in RomeRajya. Hindus have to recognise this modern “Bhoothna”.

The Prologue

Under the UPA Government, both the minorities – i.e. Muslims and Christians – have become the first classcitizen and Hindus have become second class citizens of India. Hindu interests and grievances are treatedwith disdain. The 6Ms described above have a field day unbridled. Under the present UPA dispensation,anti-social and anti-national elements have come to occupy important positions in Government andBureaucracy. A systematic effort is being made to attack Hindu Spiritual Centres and Hindu Dharmacharyas.Attack on Swami Ram Dev, Kanchi Shankaracharya, Sri Satya Sai Baba, Asaram Bapu, etc. and onSabarimalai, Tirupathi, Srirangam, Amarnath, etc. are just a few examples.Terrorists are having a field day. Having repealed POTA and by not hanging Mohamed Afzal, the UPA Govt.has sent out a message that it will be soft towards terrorism. Coimbatore blast accused, Madhani, was givenspecial massage in the jail. He has subsequently been acquitted. Many Cabinet Ministers in the UPAGovernment are pro-terrorists. Sincere and Honest Police Officers are targeted. Security Personnel who killterrorists during encounter are being framed.Families of terrorists killed in encounter by our brave jawans are being given financial aids. The Govt. wantsto spend tax-payers money for the legal defence of arrested terrorists. Some of the ministries are working atcross purposes. When Home Minister Shivraj Patil (now resigned) is ostensibly going after the terrorists, theHRD Minister Arjun Singh is organizing their defence. It takes a Jihadi attack like the Mumbai Massacre of26/11 to make the UPA Govt. squirm.Under the UPA Government, which was supported by the Communists till recently, Hindus are underconstant attack. RSS and VHP workers have been brutally murdered in Kerala, in a Taliban style. Hindus ona Teerta Yatra were attacked in Gangasagar, WB.Those who belittle Hinduism and denigrate Hindu Gods and Bharat Mata, like MF Hussain, go scot free, inthe name of freedom of expression. They are even rewarded with Awards and ‘Doctorate’. But authors likeTaslima Nasreen are driven out of the country for expressing their opinion! A book titled “Islam – A Concept ofPolitical World Invasion by Muslims” by Supreme Court Advocate Mr. R.V. Bhasin has been banned andcopies confiscated by the Maharashtra Govt.The belief of Hindus in Ram Sethu is questioned by the secularists as well as the UPA Govt. But they neverdare question the belief of Muslims in Hazratbal Dargarh in Srinagar, where a hair of Mohammed is kept.

Himalayan efforts are made to break Ram Sethu. Affidavits are filed in the Supreme Court that Sri Ram hasnothing to do with Hinduism and Ram Sethu is not sacred. But special efforts are made to save a smallmasjid, visited hardly by 30 Muslims a day, while expanding the run way of the Kolkata airport. Ultimately the runway was rerouted and the masjid was saved, leading to the demolition of many sky-rise buildings and involving additional expenses of crores of rupees.About 90 acres of land allotted to the Amarnath Shrine Board for providing temporary facilities to Amarnath Yatris is cancelled (subsequently restored) because Muslim fanatics opposed the allotment on the pretext that it will pollute the environment, whereas many acres of lands in the valley are allotted to build Masjids and Islamic Universities.An obliging UPA Govt. has asked Hindus not to use ‘provocative’ slogans such as “Har Har Mahadev”, “JaiShree Ram”, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, etc. as they are considered ‘threatening’ by Muslims. But the same government does not mind the war cry “Allah-Oh-Akbar” and “Pakistan Jindabad”. Most of our Freedom fighters and Revolutionary Leaders are described as ‘terrorists’ by this Govt. Text Booksare used to twist our history and tarnish Hindus and Sanatan Hindu Dharm.Temple funds are usurped by the Government. Many state governments are spending temple funds forrennovation of Masjids and Churches, whereas temples are left with no money even to buy oil for lighting thelamp. Temple lands are usurped by politicians, depriving temples of their revenue. While Muslims andChristians are allowed to run their Mosques and Churches without any interference from the government,temples are under the control of the governments. While Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, Hindus are forced topay extra money while going on pilgrimage.In a few states, electricity is provided either free or at a nominal charge for Church and Islamic functions. Buttemples are charged the actual electricity charges – a clear case of doublestandards.Recently, a systematic effort is being made to ‘manufacture’ Hindu Terrorists. Hindu Sadhus and Sadhvis arebeing framed in cooked up charges. Even our Army personnel are being trapped. A Hindu taking pride inbeing a Hindu is termed ‘communal’. Every Hindu organisation is being equated with SIMI, a bannedorganisation.Islamic terrorists like Madhani, Mohammed Afzal, Sohrabbudin, Sahabuddin, etc. are favoured. Manyministers openly support SIMI, a banned organisation, while at the same time clamouring for banningnationalist organisation like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc. But sincere police officer like IG Vanzara (who killedSohrabbudin in an encounter) and encounter specialists, Sachin Vaze and Daya Naik, are being harassed.The PM talks of “Hindu fundamentalists”, but never say ‘Islamic terrorism’? The PM spends sleepless nightswhen an Indian Muslim is arrested by the Australian government for alleged terror links. But when theCongress Government in Maharashtra arrests Hindu Sanyasins and Sadhus on cooked up charges, hekeeps quiet. He also does not seem to lose sleep when innocent citizens are killed by terrorists.Fake historians and intellectuals are pampered and rewarded. Their only qualification is that they derideHinduism and India. Romila Thapar, notorious for espousing the now debunked Aryan Invasion Theory andwho argues that the Lanka of Ramayana is located somewhere in the Vindhyas, is rewarded with Fellowshipsby ICHR.Arundathi Roy who abuses India and makes fun of Indian democracy during her foreign sojourns, isconsidered a celebrity by the government and the media. Recently, she, along with many so calledintellectuals and separatists, was campaigning for ‘azadi’ for Kashmiris, but not a word about the 4 lakhKashmiri Hindus driven out from Kashmir. In any other country, they would have been put behind bars. Butthe UPA government is not only unwilling to act against separatists, terrorists and anti-nationals, but is

pampering them.Under the UPA Government, terrorism has grown as also communal hatred and divide. The attack on NorthIndians in Mumbai, the attack on Biharis in Assam, the quarrel between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka,scheming one community against another in Rajasthan, etc. are all due to the pampering of anti-socialelements by the UPA Govt. In fact, some of the Central Ministers have a vested interest in keeping thecommunal divide wide open – like Ram Vilas Paswan asking for a Muslim CM in Bihar, campaigning with aOsama-look-alike in elections, etc.According to a leading author, the National Integration Council held in Oct. 2008 resembled a workingcommittee meeting of the pre-1947 Muslim League. While his inference is apparent, the portent is dangerous.It is a matter of great regret that India is the only country in the world where the Hindu majority (83%)population is being ruled by the other 17% minority communities. Look at the following facts.

1. Sonia Maino Gandhi is a practicing Catholic Christian. Her son Rahul Gandhi is also a Christian. Sonia’sdaughter Priyanka Vadera and her husband are also Christians.

2. India’a Defense Minister Mr. A. K. Anthony, is a Christian. Sonia’s closest advisors are: Margaret Alva(resigned recently), Oscar Fernandes, Ambika Soni, all Christians (yes, despite Ambika’s Hindu soundingname, she is a Christian). India’s Vice President is Mohammad Hamid Ansari. Ahmed Patel, Gulam NabiAzad and Salman Khurshid – the core members of Sonia’s think tank – are all Muslims.

3. Dr. Shakeel Ahmad is Minister of State in Home Ministry. One more fundamentalist Muslim E. Ahmed,President of the Indian Union Muslim League is Minister of State for External Affairs. (It should beremembered that Mr. Ahmed was shielding the murderers of Marad Massacre in Sept. 2003, when Muslimscoming out from a masjid after the Friday Prayer brutally murdered 8 Hindus in Marad, Kerala. Also, when heis a central minister, his party workers in Kerala tore down our national flag and hoisted Pakistani flag, atTrivandrum ariport. You can imagine the rashtrabhakti of such people).

4. Mr. Abdul Rahman Antulay is the Minority Affairs Minister (Remember how he alluded the killing of HemantKarkare, chief of Maharashtra ATS, by Pak Jihadis to a conspiracy of Hindus!) and Mr. Shafi Qureshi is theChairman of National Commission on Minorities. In addition, Sonia’s handpick AP Chief Minister Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy is also a Christian (to deceive the gullible Hindus, he maintains a Hindu sounding name -the ‘S’ stands for Samuel).The UPA Govt. at the Centre and the Kerala government are bending over backwards to promote Arabculture and language, but refuse to promote Sanskrit and Bharatiya culture. Incentives are given by Keralagovt. for teaching Arab language. Many Hindu NGOs working for the upliftment of tribals and vanvasis aredenied 80G facility under the Income Tax Act. Cultural Centres promoting Bharatiya cultures are beingde-Hinduised and detached from their Hindu roots.By allotting 15% of the 11th 5-year plan to Muslims (who oppose family planning), the UPA government isgiving incentive to Muslim population growth. The more children they produce, the more allocation they willget. The PM also had the audacity to say that Muslims should have the first claim on our resources, which isa violation of our constitution which speakes of equality of all.Already, there is a cynical move to Christianise Bharat. The Bharat Mata emblem in the two-rupee coin wasreplaced by a Cross. Recently, the logo of the Kendria Vidyalaya – i.e. lotus with rising sun – has beenreplaced by Cross and Crescent. In many government stationeries, the word ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (a Vedicslogan) has been deleted. India is being slowly detached from its Hindu roots paving way of Islamisation andChristianisation.

While most Hindus are busy in their daily chores like earning a living, making money, celebrating festivals,enjoying their lives, etc., our adversaries have hatched very sinister plans to enslave us politically and thenobliterate Hindu Dharma from the Indian soil.Because of our internal squabbles, in the medieval period, Afghans and Moguls used us to fight for them andfinally they subjugated India. Now, because of our disunity, myopic vision, apathy, selfishness, greed, andego-centric attitude, Muslims, Christians and Communists are vying with one another to control Hinduspolitically.The Greatness of Sanatan Hindu Dharm is recognised by western countries. In July 2007, the US Senate,the Upper House, was opened with Vedic mantras. Since then, many states in US have their houses openedwith Hindu prayers. Deepavali, Janmashtami and Ramnavami are celebrated in House of Commons (UK),White House (USA) and Australian Parliament, which are predominently Christian countries. Alas, all theseare not possible in Bharat, with 85% Hindu population. And the UPA Govt. is trying to obliterate this SanatanHindu Dharm.


From the above, it would be clear that the present UPA government epitomizes the 6Ms referred above.Voting for UPA amounts to voting for the vivisection of the nation.If you want your children to live in a strong, united and cohesive India, in an atmosphere of peace, toleranceand pluralism, YOU HAVE A DUTY TODAY – to throw this UPA Govt. out – lock, stock and barrel – and votefor Parliamentarians who will bring in a government ensuring to all its citizens (irrespective of caste, creed,colour, language, region and religion) Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, – i.e. Equality of all andappeasement of none. Herein lies your interests and that of Your Progeny and the Nation.Sanatan Hindu Dharm is eternal, but our Nation may not, if Hindus sleep like Kumbhakarna.Therefore “Rashtro Rakshati Rakshitah” – Save the Country, to save yourself – should be our slogan. Therecannot be a better opportunity to do so than parliamentary elections. Come, Do it now. This is the only way toSave and Secure the future of your beloved children.

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