Why so much suffering?

This world is made up of vibrations. What you see around you is result of your thoughts and actions. Your actions are not independent to your realm. Even a twinkling star billions of light year away affects you and your life. Your action of even plucking a flower or leaf creates pain in the plant and the vibrations are released in environment.

Did you ever thought that nature made you to co-exist in harmony with animal kingdom and not rule it? We were given brains to have love vibrations and not ego vibrations of supremacy.

Mother earth has equal love and nourishment for humans, animals, plants, insects and every other species. Mother earth vibrant conscious being by god. God made the earth to co-exist and not be ruled by humans.

There are millions of animals being cut daily in slaughter houses around the world for food of humans. Animals throat are slitted to bleed them to death SLOWLY so that resulting white meat is then more tasty for human taste buds. The enormous fear waves generated in environment before each animal is killed (or tree cut) pollutes the environment and these waves effect humans too. Why is there so much fear from society, police, government, army? We were meant to THRIVE and not live in fear. The fear vibrations are dominant today.

World Hunger: Animals are fed human crops to make them more bulky, and more sell-able. Causes of foos shortage and hunger deaths in impoverished countries.

Violence: The largest amount of violence, turbulence and oppression in world will naturally be seen in areas where the most animals are cut or where humans are non-vegetarian.

You: What you eat is what you become. Stress hormones laded meat when eaten kills empathy, calmness and humanness in you. It makes you more fearful from the control system designed around you.

Understand why Vedas and Puranas had called cow ‘Ma’ or ‘Mother’ and why we still follow it. The mother cow which nourishes you with milk in childhood (seen it in Bharat – India) is cut and you do not do anything about it.. it’s a shame!

Where would we take world with so much consumption, false ego and materialism? World transformation starts with you. Stop eating meat. Start loving. Educate your peers.


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