This letter is to you if you are reading this.

This is not meaningless rhetoric nor is it empty words we often hear. This is a letter to beg you to stand up and speak out.

To speak out against the corruption that has wreaked havoc on our nation. Our voices collectively have been nothing more than a whisper; silenced by the thunderous roar of money that has overtaken our representation.

Our Government is in peril due to corruption, campaign financing, lobbying, rotten british legislation, and gerrymandering. We as people have had our interests and aspirations take second place to those who have more money and influence. We can not hope for change without addressing the fundamental flaws enabling this abuse and dereliction of duty. We as citizens are supposed to be represented by our politicians but instead our politicians represent special interests and those who pay bribes and corporates.

Is this the Bharat you believe in? Where your voice is not as important as a greedy politician, an industrialist or a wealthy political donor? Where your opinions on where your tax money should be invested is ignored?

Where corporations write laws that are passed by parliament without accountability? Where corporations and the wealthy can spend unlimited amounts of money to sway elections with misinformation and propaganda? Where all the control is invisible and subtle?

This issue is not one of Congress or BJP or any party in nature.
This issue is not partisan nor shall it be construed as such.
This issue is what you as a citizen are willing to accept from your Government. Accepting the way things are is accepting nothing more than plutocracy.

Regardless of what you have been told you have the power to change what has been. We together as BHARATVASIS united have a voice so loud it can never be silenced. Too often we are divided and torn apart by partisan issues and demagoguery of the other. It is true that there are vast differences in demography, religion, interests, political belief in our country. However, that is the beauty. Not a basis of DIVIDE and RULE. Imagine the world where everyone is alike. Politicians divide us on this.

The only way we can fix this is to speak out against it and demand a change. To create awareness and make it known you will not sit idle by while your voice is being silenced.

You have the power to speak out, that is where reform begins.

I hope with all of my being you will not ignore this call to action.

Because if we don’t dare to demand change….nothing will change.

Stand up, speak out, or someone will speak for you.

You might not like what they have to say.

Please share this letter, re-post it, submit it, print it, and show it to all that are willing to listen. Because every one of us…. needs to be heard by our representatives.

Leave a Reply / email your feedback to civilactiondelhi@hush.com

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