Anna Hazare Anshan Coverage – Games that Media Crooks play (25th March)


I have stopped watching news media since long time. But, I had to see the same today as I had to stay back at home and wanted to follow Anna Hazare‘s movement closely. The below is my painful experience and torturous time I spent flipping news channels in my zest to search for uninterrupted news coverage.

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t have hold this:

Since morning all news channels started talking about vacant Raj Ghat and were expressing doubts if the Anna movement has subsided. Basically they were repeating in public subconscious that Anna is a flop show now and there is no use following him. At Raj Ghat the truth was that Policeman presence did not allow much of public to go inside due to security reasons.

Media channels started their morning with gibberish blabber of Mumbai vacant grounds (though this wasn’t the truth and manipulated).

  • DD News as usual was silent on anything anti Government and hence on Anna’s movement. Considering that DD News is the primary channel with maximum reach, it was absolutely blank and doesn’t even let people know that there is something called Anna Hazare’s movement
  • Zee Business was busy showing cookery shows
  • P7 news was busy showing Follywood
  • Times Now was busy on The Making of Agent Vinod, Foodie, Times Drive and Total Recall Bollywood shows
  • CNN IBN was busy showing OverDrive, The Week that wasn’t. Cyrus Brocha is getting old and not funny enough. He is especially paid extra to crack his sick jokes on Baba Ramdev.
  • News X was busy showing flashback show on movies
  • Sahara Samay was busy showing the Comedy Central show reruns of Sony
  • Zee News busy showing India ki Umeed and test tube baby technology
  • Teleshopping, Award Shows, Nirmal Baba ki teesri aankh were common
  • News 24 was busy showing ‘Sachin ka naya hairstyle’. 22 years.. 22 hair styles. So much hard work and research they must have done on this mirror-breaking journalism. I pity on how stupid and idiotic the audience would be to watch it

Basically it was this:

  • Star News had sarcastically headlined the day long marathon as – “Kab tak Jantar Mantar?” – Kumar Vishwas got to know and intelligently had said.. Jab tak Bhrashtachaar.. tab tak Jantar Mantar.
  • All the speeches broadcasted were partial and infact Justice Hegde’s speech was cut in between
  • The elite ‘Times Now’ and ‘CNN-IBN’ were busy and didn’t even show Anna’s speech.
  • By the end of day, they were trying hard to find some controversy in comments from Kejriwal and Sisodiya.
  • Star News and Zee News were very ‘neutral’ and distancing themselves from comments of Kejriwal and Sisodiya.. This is a clear tactic wherein they psychologically say.. we do not support Kejriwal and Sisodiya. Interestingly this neutrality is not there all the times.
  • Zee News had some Mr Agnihotri blaming Team Anna.. As he was ranting.. “Inke paas ek mudda nahin hai… yeh badalte rehte hain”. Irony of nature was… he was stopped by presenter because Kejriwal had to speak first for the day. He was saying there that If Lokpal was there, these martyrs wouldn’t have been killed due to corruption. Mr Agnihotri was later seen clarifying. I had a hearty laugh.
  • Interestingly, a few channels like Aajtak were opposite where they didn’t find any ‘novelty’ nayapan in the movement. They are seeing this is as a thriller movie where turns and twists are required.
  • I got sick of watching Aaj Tak wherein reporter Sumit on ground was fully motivated to blast Team Anna. Herein they were full on with their partisan views.
  • India TV /Sahara Samay had some average coverage, but that was not enough and had bucket full of advertisement with them. They had their day to earn on Anna’s movement.
  • A few snippets here and there which are wholly biased and against the movement do not constitute the total action
  • Alakhnanda river bridge collapse was showcasing the example of corruption.
  • Sachin Tendulkar got today the time for clarifying that he has to play 2015 world cup also. All the cricket crazy nation had to shift their important eyeballs towards this young chap. This was very important as we have to again win the world cup 2015.


What’s the use of so many channels if not even one is honest and thorough. If there was any popular subject of government agenda like elections or budget debate they are giving ‘unbiased’, ‘fastest’  and natural non-stop coverage. This event doesn’t qualifies for this.

Basically it seems govt had instructed media to play down all the Anna movement. This shows immediate need of controlling corrupt corporate media where they show different headlines to influence different news in the way they want. Media is important public property and needs to be kept free of money, government control and corporate agenda. Presently they all show similar news and further the agenda secret government wants.

It is high time that Team Anna and Ramdev start their own channel (though highly unlikely that they will get the license for it), atleast they can start their own streaming internet TV channel / IPTV / utilize sites like

Media would keep you engaged in CRICKET, SEX and BOLLYWOOD..  Stop being a sheeple:

You need to stop relying on corporate news and media for invisible jail you are tied in.. the fight is long and you need to be the media. Occupy Media.. Keep your critical minds on.. Start involved in political discussions (Charcha Samuh as Kejriwal puts it)..  Get aware and stop watching this idiot box.

Spend your time on Internet and watching reality. We have some time left before Kapil Sibal is successful in gagging Internet too.

I believe today media wouldn’t be able to complain and show empty grounds, Team Anna had strategically placed the stage well.

Update March 27


Media feels whatever they will broadcast will be taken up as feed by us

Let’s boycott on 1st April and until corporate corrupt news media get into their senses.

CALL YOUR CABLE OPERATOR and ask him to stop the broadcast of these channels on 1st April. This may seem funny to him.. but it is IMPORTANT. EXPRESS.

Let’s make this a natural success. Tell Media that it is time for responsible journalism and we can’t feeded with mindless and endless CRICKET, SEX and BOLLYWOOD.

Share, invite and amplify. Ask you family to stop viewing news channels for one day.

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7 Responses to Anna Hazare Anshan Coverage – Games that Media Crooks play (25th March)

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  2. Shashikant Sukenkar says:

    If Ajj tak, Star news, NDTV like top news channel show false news on there channel, then it is sure people will stop seeing this news channel, & new channel or less famous news will have good trp as peolple will shift to this channel.

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  4. SV Subramanian says:

    Well written article based on facts.

  5. yog says:

    congress bought it

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