Why I hate Terrorism?

Why Governments Want and Need Terrorism

Governments and institutional power benefit from terrorism because it allows them to assert their will over the populations. The intelligence services and the FBI are delighted by terrorism. The NSA is delighted by terrorism as is Lockheed Martin and Halliburton. All of them saw their powers expand post 9-11 and their budgets increase. There is a growing body of evidence that 9-11 was either coordinated by the Bush Administration, so the greatest “terrorism” was actually a self inflicted wound. http://sciencescholar.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/9-11-truth-synopsis/ Terrorism becomes the ultimate negative argument. If a terrorist attack occurs such as 9-11 (which was not a terrorist attack, but is generally accepted as one) then the drum is beat for reducing individual freedom. If an attack does not occur for some time, then this is given as evidence to continue to reduce individual freedoms because it has been so successful in stopping a second or third attack. The main point is to use the real or imaged threat of terrorism to continually ratchet down and transfer more power to both the state and private entities which work in security and intelligence. Terrorism is one way of getting there, another way is to have a long and continual war, such as the Pakistan-Indian conflict, or the US-Iraq-Afghanistan war. Terrorism and wars allow governments to control information under the guise of national security and to put off criticism for mismanagement of the internal economy or cronyism, by appealing to security fears and patriotism.

Rajiv Dixit ji has already told how 911 was a lie and the same is proven by numerous videos on internet..

A Global Misrepresentation of Terror

Here are the areas where the governments around the world have misrepresented terrorism.

  • There is not one coördinated global network of terror. And no evidence has ever been presented to demonstrate this, and there is considerable evidence against it in the fact that most these groups have never met one another, and all have different goals. What exists is a number of terrorist groups, many of them with legitimate complaints which are fighting for a number of different objectives in different geographies
  • Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11
  • Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11 other than members of Osama Bin Laden’s entourage found it a convenient place to hide
  • No evidence has ever been provided that Osama Bin Laden masterminded 9/11
  • There is no evidence that “Al Qaeda” exists
  • 9/11 was a highly suspicious event. It’s hard to know what did happen. However, what is clear is that the official story could not have happened. Secondly, the attacks could not have occurred without the assistance of the Bush Administration because there were simply too many safeguards that were bypassed which lead to the events.
  • While there is no evidence of a global terrorism network, there is clear evidence of US support for both Osama Bin Laden, the Mujahedeen and the Taliban. However, for some reason that connection is not discussed. So when other countries do not have links to terrorism, such as Iraq, we make it up, however, when we support terrorism, those links seems to disappear.

Who Benefits from “Global Terrorism”

Law enforcement, the military and defence contractors all greatly benefit from terrorism. All of these saw their expenditures greatly rise after 9/11. However, furthermore, many other institutions also benefit. Who loses is individuals who have their rights eroded in order to battle “terrorism.” Oil companies also benefit from perceived terrorism and it provides a pretext to invade countries to secure oil rights. On average oil companies like to obtain roughly 75% of the profits from oil and they cannot do this without either a full invasion or a CIA supported coup of some type. I refer to this as The How Much You Can Extract from Oil Producing Countries Game, and the math is worked out in this post below.



To conclude.. Terrorism is game created to accelerate consumption, create fear and make more control society by governments across the world. The above is just one layer of Truth and it is many layers deep (Freemasons, fictitious money, shift of consciousness, 2012 mystery, occultism) and I’m still searching on!!






Why I hate filling petrol in my car?

Biggest corruption in oil sector is use of Oil itself as energy source. There is technology available as free energy which is not used by governments. The game is at international level and bigger than what sees the eye.

Oil is a carbon pollutant and used everywhere in each phase and move of life. Paints.. Plastics.. Wax.. Vehicles.. Electricity generation.. Motors.. All need some form of crude oil.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Energy-The-Worlds-Call-to-Release-Nikola-Teslas-Scientific-Research/183702428382679

On smaller level, India’s Oil corruption is evident from the fact that Govt taxes form major price of oil. Subsidies come very late. Corrupt media only sings about subsidy part and never the main reason of oil price which is taxes. That is why in all the metropolitan cities, you see vehicles growing and public transport crumbling and more jams..

More Vehicles = More taxes

More Vehicles = More Petrol Consumption = Even More taxes

It is a known fact since ages that petroleum minister in India gets kickbacks from oil companies whilst importing oil from foreign. This money is also shared from the Minister to high command and is used for fueling party expenditures which is majorly used in corrupt practices of poll season and otherwise stashed in Swiss / American / European banks.


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The Structure of Power

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