BOYCOTT Unique Identification – Aadhar Card!

Unique ID – Aadhar card.. pet project of Chidambaram and corrupt Congress party.. don’t enroll for it.. get educated and boycott it!!

Any unique id project is highly controversial where governments are notorious of misusing the personal information such as your biometrics, your religion, your caste, your gender. Your privacy will be killed and your each and every move will be tracked.

There are thousands of potential misuses as whole lot of biometric information was collected. The collection of such data is unconstitutional and presently done by many international organisations. This is hence a threat to your privacy and matter of national security overlooked by corrupt govt. This demographic and personal data could be fed into any Business Intelligence and target the specific community or interests for malicious purposes. Everything, from tax to traffic to medicine to insurance would be available at click of button with this unique ID. It was tool for more taxes, more controls and more extortion by the racket called government.

The data once accessed by corporates will be misused for targeting customers by insidious means. Communities have been perished if any religion biased governments come into existence.

Once your mobile no and account nos are attached to it, each and every transaction account balance shopping habits internet habits will be tracked. Your loan eligibility and taxes liability will be calculated arbitrarily by corrupt govt run by corporate banks. Right now PAN card is being pushed down your throats for all bank transactions and digital money emphasized. Presently the PAN card is being used to be specified over lot of places and the same is used to degrade ratings of individuals when they do not agree with some unilateral policies of bank.
Any unusual activity (such as raising voice against govt policies) will be easy to track and be suppressed and you will be devoid of any rights. It will be a much more controlled monitored society.

Read and search on Youtube ‘One world govt’. It is extremely important to read and understand.



Understand nature of fictitious money:


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