Control Society

Mass Surveillance is scary.. ( but this is already happening. Each and every word on FB and internet is tracked and logged. Can you see the control society? Come UID.. Unique Identification.. Then you will not be able to hide anywhere and speak against Govt anyhow. Kapil Sibal’s statements would seem joke to you. Excuses are anything, terrorism to religious extremism, security of the State or public order.

FB and Gugle have already started uniquely identifying people with their phone nos. These controls will be made stronger in future.

Anyone standing against corporate power is already being crushed. You have seen examples earlier. (Harvinder vs Sharad Pawar, Chetanya Kunte vs Burkha Dutt). You’ll be tried just like Harvinder Singh. He is presently in a mental hospital. You can see the results of speaking against government or corporate giants. There is no free spch anymore.

Start protesting and standing up to your rights now. Freedom is always precious. You cannot complain that nobody warn you. Control society is in making and infront of your eyes.

I will post some more views later on. In comments you can help with the examples of control society in everyday life.

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