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BRAI Bill – Winter Session – It’s about your FOOD!!

Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill
Shame!  Our greedy politicians once again are in look out for discreetly passing the BRAI bill in this winter session, which would be ignored to be debated in media by diverting attention to unnecessary discussions and attention diversion. Please pay attention to this bill which is going to benefit corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont and would devastate country farmers and public health eventually Example of Bt Cotton deaths in South India is in front of our eyes as well as Bt brinjal controversy (http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=48954).

Sharad pawar as minister has protected Bt Brinjal for the Monsanto owning the patented seed (http://zeenews.india.com/business/technology/bt-brinjal-controversy-sharad-pawar-stands-firm_574.html).

As advertised by the companies with deep pockets in media, Genetically modified crops have more harms than the benefits. Here are FEW dangers of genetically modified crops:

  • As they have hybrid genes, animal genes can be placed in your food.
  • Hybrids can damage human DNA and health and multiplying diseases like leukemia, cancer, thalassemia, allergies, and genetic disorders in embryos.
  • Patent on food products enable companies like Monsanto to claim on exclusive production of seeds and hence this is a profit business
  • Misleading advertising by big companies. They again have tie ups in big pharma companies which play on public health. Corrupt politicians take bribes from both the sectors.
  • Resistance to pesticides and herbicides is advertised, but this is wrong. (http://ibnlive.in.com/news/activists-want-brai-bill-scrapped/201562-60-120.html)
  • It wipes out microbacteria and weeds makes soil dead and makes farmers highly dependent on monopoly seeds.
  • At first seeds are provided at low-cost and later when farmers are used to it, prices are jacked up for profits.
  • There would be no labelling of food to demarcate if it is a genetically modified food and you would have no choice.
  • By controlling seeds, the bill takes the power to grow food away from the public and puts it in the hands of seed companies. That power may be abused.
  • There is a serious inherent conflict of interest as the regulatory authority is proposed to be under the Ministry of Science and Technology, which already has a mandate to promote GM crops, a product of modern biotechnology which authority is supposed to regulate.
  • The Bill provides no mechanism for transparency. On the other hand, it proposes to override Right to Information Act for the benefit of commercial interests. It also overrides the State governments’ authority over health and agriculture and is inconsistent with legislation like the Biological Diversity Act.
  • It lacks any redress mechanisms where by stakeholders such as farmers and consumers can be compensated for damages, it said.
  • Tamil Nadu has already experienced Bt Cotton, with farmers suicide after being in debt and health issues
  • Indian experiment with Bt Brinjal has been a disaster.

Now they are going to use it widely for other crops also by putting a single clearance window. PLEASE STOP THEM. IT IS YOUR FOOD. YOUR HEALTH. YOUR CHILDREN in next generations. Corrupts are only thinking of present profits.

The right to good healthy food, clean water, organic seeds and that are not genetically modified is for everyone. Our government is again instrumental in profits for themselves and greedy large corporations. Who does the government serve now?

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Write to your Minister of Parliament

Dear Minister,

I would like you to oppose the  Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill-2011.

My family and I, voters in your area, are uncomfortable with genetically modified foods and wish you to promote easy access to cheap and abundant organic food. Your and our children’s future and public health is dependent on strong and healthy food.We have elected the government for promoting our well being and not to serve the interests of corporations.

Our food is in grave danger. Take Civil Action. Call your MP to oppose the bill. Reading the post will not secure your future and not bring change. Action is needed.

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Civil Action Delhi

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